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Integral Innovation

The nature of business today is increasingly complex. One needs an organisational lens to change successfully.
That’s why we don’t just work on your future something. We work on your future everything. Bridging products and processes with people and cultures to create the businesses of tomorrow. That’s what we call Integral Innovation.
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Strategy Execution

Struggling to turn strategy into reality? Together we bridge the gap between vision and execution, by tackling common roadblocks and taking decisive action.

Many leaders face difficulties in finding the right resources or methods to move from strategic planning to implementation. Common roadblocks include unclear priorities, ownership, lack of accountability, and unforeseen challenges that derail progress.

Our team of can-do people is ready to build actionable plans and find the right methods to let the rubber hit the road, together. Proactively addressing challenges and building a sense of accountability within teams. Say goodbye to powerpoint, and hello to results.

  • Achieve your goals with streamlined execution strategies

  • Enhance team morale and accountability by assigning clear ownership

  • Proactively identify and mitigate potential challenges for a smoother transition

Lead the action

People Performance

Is your workforce ready to excel? Change can only succeed with a supportive and empowered workforce. We equip teams to embrace change with a positive and proactive mindset.

After the umpteeth internal change, many organizations struggle with resistance to change, lack of engagement, and poor communication within teams. These challenges can hinder performance and stall progress, leaving companies unable to fully capitalize on new opportunities.

We work closely with your teams to build resilience, foster open communication, and cultivate a culture of continuous learning and improvement, transforming challenges into strengths.

  • Build a highly motivated team that thrives on change

  • Improve communication and collaboration across teams and value chains

  • Cultivate a culture of continuous learning across departments

Own the future

Products & Services

How do you stay ahead of the curve? Let our experts help you stay relevant by scanning, solving, and scaling new propositions.

Thrown off by internal complexities and the response of past initiatives, (cross-functional) teams often find it hard to “start small” or start at all. It leaves many teams with untapped ideas, whilst competitors and startups seem to bring similar concepts to life successfully.

We excel in setting up and navigating innovation journeys with diverse teams. We help getting directions sharp and collect the intelligence to execute trajectories and make decisions with clarity and purpose.

  • Win the hearts of customers by addressing evolving needs

  • Stand out from the competition with unique and valuable solutions

  • Increase return on investment through testing, validation and optimization cycles

What our clients say about us

“Such a nice, goal-oriented, energy!”

Sharon van der Jagt
Head of Innovation, Swiss Sense
After completing the pilot phase of a project.

“I am convinced that we would not have been here without your incredibly energetic, driven, authentic input. Actually there was a click from the start. We said: that’s the right choice.”

Peter Bas Oosthoek
Head of Product Development, ING Wholesale bank
After completing the pilot phase of a project.

“Just a quick note with compliments for your team. All participants of the program were very enthusiastic and I heard nothing but praise. They were two amazing sessions!”

Wieteke Hoftijzer
Ideation Consultant, Alliander

After completing the pilot phase of a project.

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From a small ‘boost’ to the large transformations, and everything in between; for over a decade we’ve helped ambitious leaders and organizations change. If you know what you want to change, we craft the ‘how’ and get it done.