the situation.

With the growing demand for home delivery, Unilever partnered with us to capitalize on this trend by creating a new sales strategy. The initial test version of this strategy focused on selling various ice cream products through meal delivery services like Deliveroo and UberEats. These first online ice cream outlets showed promising results, but challenges remained in scaling the concept.

Innovation Booster helped Unilever in three key areas:

  • Identifying the best product mix for online customers.
  • Understanding how to convert social media users into online store customers.
  • Developing new ideas to support future growth.

the solution.

Using our ‘Entrepreneurial Innovation’ approach and Growth Hacking techniques, we aimed to deepen our understanding of customer needs and buying behaviors.

We created our own online store to conduct research, run small-scale experiments and gather real-world data on customer behavior. This data included:

  • Conversion rates (how many visitors become buyers).
  • Drop-offs (where visitors leave the store).
  • Click patterns on specific products and elements.

This unbiased, real-world environment showed us what actually improves sales.

From this data, we mapped a detailed customer journey, both online and offline, for ordering ice cream. We found the best-performing products and combinations and optimized the conversion rates for online channels like social media ads and search engine advertising (SEA).

Our optimized online store became the model for scaling the new strategy.

the results.

  • Created a new online store concept for ordering ice cream.
  • Launched 18 new products online.
  • Increased the click-through rate (CTR) by 135%.
  • Achieved a return on ad spend (ROAS) of 3.87.
  • Unilever expanded the successful online ice cream stores to 8 different countries.