the situation.

With an eye to the growing home delivery market, Unilever tasked us with the development of a new strategy for the ‘Out of Home’ segment. An initial version of this strategy focuses on presenting a variety of ice cream products to consumers through meal-delivery services such as Deliveroo and UberEats. Unilever’s first online ice-cream parlors were successful. However, a number of challenges had to be overcome in order to render the model scalable.

Innovation Booster helped Unilever to identify the optimal portfolio for online consumers, to gather insights into the conversion from a social media platform to the online stores, and finally to develop new propositions that could achieve this future growth.

the solution.

We started the project by setting up our own online store. By using our approach ‘Entrepreneurial Innovation’ we were able to experiment on a small scale and identify specific data on consumer behavior. As a result, we have mapped a detailed online and offline customer journey on ordering ice cream and, based on data, identified the most optimal combinations of products.

Finally, we utilized Growth Hacking to optimize the throughput and conversion of different channels to the online store.

the results.

  • Developed a new online concept to order ice cream
  • Presented 18 new products online
  • Improved CTR Click Through Rate by 135%
  • ROAS Return on advertisement spend of 3.87*
  • Unilever scaled the successful online ice cream stores in 8 different countries.