the situation.

UNICEF Netherlands has the ambition to reach and bind its donors in an innovative way. To realize this ambition, an innovation team has been started that continuously provides the organization with new fundraising propositions, among others. This ambition arose from the need to find more connection with the changing needs of potential donors.

the solution.

Innovation Booster has designed an innovation process that allows UNICEF Netherlands to develop and test fundraising propositions in 12 weeks. This innovation process was implemented by devising, developing and testing propositions for the “Young Urban Professional” together with the innovation team of UNICEF Nederland.

The proposition “Track & Trace your donation” was the result of 12 weeks of customer-oriented innovation. After a successful first pilot, the proposition was loaded into the winter campaign of 2019 and this was also the largest email campaign of the year. The campaign was guided by Yourzine and led to a record number of donations and a significant increase in the engagement rate of donors. As a reward for this success, the campaign has been nominated for the Dutch DIA awards and for the Inspire Awards within UNICEF International.

The newly acquired skills related to innovation are secured in the organization by training the Innovation Manager during the 12-week process through a “coach the coach” program as well as drawing up an Innovation Governance. Through Innovation Booster efforts, the innovation team of UNICEF Netherlands can continuously develop new cases that contribute to UNICEF’s mission: “Ensuring structural improvement in the lives of children all over the world.”

the results.

  • 100,000+- donations in the Netherlands

  • 10x higher engagement rate than the benchmark for email campaigns

  • Proposition nominated for the Dutch DIA Awards and the UNICEF Inspire Awards

  • An Innovation Process and Governance that allows UNICEF Netherlands to continuously develop valuable innovations

  • Trained innovation team in customer-oriented innovation