The mission of Spieren voor Spieren is to beat all muscle diseases for kids. To accomplish this, they collaborate with medical specialists, scientists, corporates, top athletes and child ambassadors. Spieren voor Spieren want to achieve impact on the long term base and planning ahead is essential. Long-term fundraising agreements are crucial in order to achieve this.

state the problem.

Innovation Boosters got involved to identify a structural, predictable partnership solutions for corporate companies to increase the funds for Spieren voor Spieren. The focus was to create a “win-win-win solution”- every stakeholder should benefit from the partnership. The challenge with funds from corporate companies so far was the unpredictability and incidental character.

present the solution.

To understand the point of view of corporate companies better, Innovation Boosters facilitated a workshop for Spieren voor Spieren. In this workshop the group was challenged to identify a Persona; a fictional person that represents the target group of this challenge.

The customer journey of this persona addressed important information, like the drivers of this person and potential ‘pains & gains’ in their journey when entering and staying in partnerships. After this challenge, the first ideas about solutions were written down during a creative brainstorm session. Keeping the persona, customer journey and potential solutions in mind, experiments with the target group were conducted, leading to (in)validation of several assumptions and valuable insights. It also led to a benchmark with other charities to find innovative, effective solutions.

the results.

  • Presented 3 potential solutions for structural, predictable partnership solutions for corporate companies to increase funds
  • Found a new way of working that matched the requirements of Spieren voor Spieren

  • Created an action plan with next steps

  • Identified necessary website improvements

“Working together with a professional and fun team of Innovation Boosters was great and has led to new insights for us”

Bart van Poppelen – Program Manager – Spieren voor Spieren