the situation.

Technology plays an increasingly pervasive role in the financial sector. NNIP realized that in order to stay ahead of its competition, being able to rapidly adopt new technology and innovative solutions needed to become an embedded capability. Excitement for innovation and new technologies needed to be created, teams need to work cross-silo, and an innovation ambition and governance would need to be implemented.

the solution.

We started with the design and validation of a fit-for-purpose innovation process and governance structure. The key to success was starting a movement and generating excitement for innovation. Based on learnings from the pilot project and team, the design was iterated and scaled to multiple teams to form the NNIP Innovation Platform.

the results.

Over the course of two years, the NNIP Innovation Platform successfully explored, validated, and implemented technologies and solutions across a number of themes such as ESG, investment science, and the power of the crowd. Among others, this resulted in:

  • An autonomous Innovation Platform of 50 employees
  • 10+ (technology) solutions implemented in the investment process
  • Innovation drivers empowered to coach teams and continue the development of the platform