the situation.

After a lengthy period without investments, the Greek market was ready to be conquered in the digital realm. Interamerican, a subsidiary of Achmea Insurances, was on the verge of an innovation transformation that would launch the company into the digital age. This transformation was needed in order to maintain their leading position and to adjust to a rapidly changing market.

We helped Interamerican in three areas:

  1. Improve the efficiency of their innovation trajectories by 50%
  2. Reduce their time to market by half
  3. Generate €10,000,000 worth of new income

the solution.

Together we developed a new innovation approach that fit the (Greek) corporate culture. Given that it’s not possible to accomplish this using a purely theoretical approach, we did what we as Boosters do best: Thinking big, but starting small and practical.

To initiate the transition, we launched two new products onto the market within three months. We accomplished this by experimenting both offline and online, sometimes even out on the streets and in people’s homes.

the results.

Two years after the start of this transformation, 18 innovation teams have achieved a total new top-line growth of €6,000,000. (The value estimated for 2019 is €10,000,000.)

Interamerican is the market leader in Greece in digital insurance.

The developed Imagine platform, specifically established to initiate and implement innovative ideas, has generated 1000 ideas, ten of which have resulted in new products.

The movement of the transformation has resulted in the following:

  • 160 trained employees
  • 10 employees trained as coaches
  • 40 managers trained in more effective methods of assessment