the situation.

For an organization that’s good at calculating risks, it can be tough to undertake new things that are unpredictable. Allianz asked for support in guiding motivated employees to develop innovative ideas with minimal risk and maximum business results. This way, Allianz aims to enable its own employees to develop innovations that customers truly want.

Our engagement started with a pilot project, where the team explored a digital proposition for the emerging car-sharing market.

the solution.

Our approach was based on experimentation. By experimenting with methodologies and approaches, we discovered how innovations could best be developed and implemented within Allianz. We obtained quick results and developed a tailor-made innovation approach, including portfolio management and governance that fit the structure and culture at Allianz Benelux.

The tailor-made approach ensured that all innovation horizons can be explored and that promising ideas can be turned into validated, impactful propositions.

the results.

Starting a movement

  • 450 employees participated in 2-day training.
  • 9 ideas pitched to the board

Building future skills

  • 48 employees educated in execute innovation projects
  • 12 employees educated to coach innovation projects