The Execution Framework explained

The Execute Framework, designed by Innovation Booster, allows for clearer insights into various themes that define the direction and way of working within an organization. The themes within the framework consist of direction and purpose, safety and interaction, empowerment and support, and lastly, decisiveness and quantification.

Innovation based on vision

Innovation based on vision: "Without a business sponsor, we will no longer start innovations." The sun is shining, and I’m on my way to APG, where I’ll have an interview with Peter Strikwerda, Head of Digital & Innovation at APG Asset Management and Anthony Meyer, CEO Innovation Booster.

Understanding the value of new technologies

We recently finished 12-week project at a major tourism organization. One of the goals of the project was for the innovation team to learn skills on how to experiment with emerging voice technology and use these skills to test and develop a new proposition.

Innovating in the energy sector

Innovating in the energy sector; from imaginary walls to a well-oiled innovation machine. Jeroen van Loon, working at Vattenfall Feenstra and responsible for Innovation and Product Development NL, and Anthony Meyer zu Schlochtern, founder and CEO of Innovation Booster, meet after a number of successful collaborations at Vattenfall’s headquarters. They catch up on the status of innovation within the energy sector. And how Jeroen has set up innovation within Vattenfall.

So, I heard you like(d) to play with Lego?

Gaming is more than teenagers playing on their consoles; gaming is a powerful training tool! It pulls people out of the training context and it lets them experience the key takeaways first hand. Gaming makes lessons stick.

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